Terms and Conditions

Studio Shinobi



General Terms of Service
– The terminology, “we”, “us”, and “our”, all refer to the goods, services, and productions produced by ShinobiTeam, and those members of the team.
– This Terms of Service may change at any time, and we are not required to notify you. It is your duty to review these Terms of Service on a repeated basis to understand any alterations.
– All alterations will take immediate effect, once they are finalized and posted.
– The Shinobi Team, logo, name, and files are all solely ours. Unless stated in a written statement by the Management Team you do not have permission to use it.

A: Goods and Services
– All goods and services we provide are digital goods; therefore, we are not accountable for any loss or damage of the product purchased or system in which the product is placed after you have verified the product is complete.
– The pre-made goods which we offer are sold as-is. If you wish for alterations to be made it is up to the discretion of the freelancer if they wish to charge you or not.
– At any time, the Management Team reserves the right to cancel or postpone any goods or services work which the team deems necessary.
– We reserve the right to refuse to provide a service or product for any reason without justification to you.
– Unless a prior agreement is made by you, the client, and Shinobi Team, we reserve the right to display our completed goods and services on the public portfolio.
– The files which you receive from us are to under no circumstance be claimed as your own or portray it in any way to seem like your work – even if you had made alterations to it.

B: Purchases and Payments
– Until payment has been confirmed by Malikai, no work shall begin.
– When making payment you are to do so per request of Malikai , depending on circumstance you may pay the freelancer , but majority of the time it will be done through
Shinobi Team official PayPal.
– All totals are required to be paid 100% upfront.
– If you change your idea during the order, you may be charged extra fees. Fees are decided by the freelancer or upper management.

C: Refunds and Chargebacks
– Under no circumstance will you receive a refund as these are digital goods. If you wish to stop a service after us having started on it you forfeit 25% of the commission cost to
Shinobi Team.
-Chargebacks, disputes, or attempting to get your money back without going through the proper process of speaking to the Management Team (fraudulent) are not permitted and will be considered scamming, resulting in an immediate ban, and a scam report will be opened.
– If you have an active service currently occurring, it is your job to remain in the Discord Server. If you are removed by Management for a breach in the rules, or Terms of Service, or you leave and rejoin multiple times your order will be canceled. Under this occurrence, no refund will be provided back to you.
– If you are found “trolling” during a service, which includes but is not limited to; destroying builds, deleting files, and making rude remarks, your service will be canceled and you will be given only a partial refund of 50-75%. The amount which you will be refunded will be determined by Management.

D: Communication
– All communication relating to a good or service is to remain in the Shinobi Team Discord Server.
– If you deal with a freelancer anywhere outside of the Shinobi Team Discord Server and you are scammed or given a faulty product you will not be given any sort of support or be able to hold Shinobi Team accountable in any way.

E. Privacy Policy
– All clients and customers’ information is safe and secure with us.
– Any client information that is known, full names, emails, addresses, will not be shared.

F: Conclusion
– Any attempt to disrupt or damage the service team in any way will result in removal from Shinobi Team, and an ending of all tickets held by that user. If this occurs, you will not be refunded.
– Not abiding by the Terms and Service may result in a scam report, and blacklist from ordering from Shinobi Team.
– The Terms and Service may change at any time without notice and will apply to all orders labeled as “Pending”. You will abide by all those changes from when you last read them.